Well I have not been on here in awhile. I now have 2 boy's ages 2 and 8 months! I have been going crazy lately with school and kids and everything. Me and husband have been trying to get in to an apartment here in tremonton now that we are back on feet again. and we finally found one that is in our budget. But you know how things seem to good to be true this is one of them. The guy who owns them told us we only had to have the cleaning deposit which is 500 dollars. which was fine we were going to get to move in, in about  two weeks. Well we wanted to get over to sign the contract so my husband called them and this guy wife told us that not only did we have to have the 500 but the first months rent which is 475. I know to some of you that isn't a whole lot but that would be my husband whole paycheck that this point. So we are trying to come up with the 500 in a different way. but life seems to be good at one point then all of sudden BAM something goes wrong and it gets even more stress ful. I am trying to stay positive but it's soo hard at this point.

I guess that's life right the ups the  downs. I just wish it didn't cause so much stress on my marriage. Anyone have any advice on how to stop fighting over the small things?

Amanda Bunn

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Nov. 30, 2010 at 8:45 AM

Hey Amanda,

I have been in the same cycle with my husband since he lost his job in 2008. The last time we had no money to pay bills was a couple of months ago. We fought blamed each other. Then we sat down and did our budget over and over. The numbers never changed. We just called all of our bills and started talking . What are our options? What can we do?

Not all of them could help but the electric company can give you and avg bill each month and so on. Remind each other it is just money and people will always out last the money. Don't let the dollar bill be more important than each other. Keep a small stash of cash aside from some change every so often when you can. Then give it back and forth to each other...you would be amzed at what you can find when you are in the hole digging out together! Good Luck!

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