before having kids life is carefree /fun / cool ......everyday i go to work i pray to get home safe to my kids or at least think about teen moved out already so she's fine my 9 year old dad could take care of her if he had too now comes in my poor 3 year old her dad well he needs help I'm worried what's going to happen to her if something happens to me family members not the best and his family left the i think about... theregoes my fam fighting for her just to get money and plus he will never see her..i know she's good with him for a short while but not for long...making better choices on the dad would have been smart but she soooo sweet and funny and i know part of that is because of him...I know if he did not get messed up on drugs at and early age he would have chosen a better life for him self...maybe some positive thinking would help me but its life you know this world

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