Wow its been like a year i think since i have been on here and its crazy.  I havent even been around to see whats all new and whats all going on. I just got on to sign in and change some things.  I just wanted to say hello to all my friends and let all know we do have a new lady in the house a new addition to are family her name is maddilynn lee ann and she is 2 weeks old.  As soon as i get more time i will be posting some pics of maddilynn and some new ones of abbigail and kylie who are both doing oh so well.  Kylie is in the 1st grade and she is at a 4th grade reading level and she is just so dam smart.  Abbigail she is just a big bully she is such a meany lol and well she is a little devil that she is.

jugglingits a girlholding ornaments

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