Take the 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge and bring out the sexy in YOU. We all have it in us so BRING IT OUT!!


-Not enough Time

-Too much money

-To complicated

-I'll do it for New Years

-The healthy food tastes gross

-I can't lose weight

-I have health problems

-etc, etc, etc...... blah blah blah!!!

We all have reasons and excuses that we don't get healthier. STOP making excuses and Just DID it!!

The Body By VI Challenge is easy, fun, affordable and IT WORKS!! Over 3 million lbs have been lost on our challenge over the last 11mths!!

You can win cruises, prizes, earn cash all just for taking the challenge.

So will you STOP making excuses? Will you stop Procrastinating? Will you find the SEXY in YOU???

If you are ready to make a change, feel healthier and look amazing then visit http://www.overview.visalus.com/ and watch the quick video. No strings attached JUST A VIDEO :)

Give me a call at 770-728-9938, email: contact@christina-dennis.com or we can chat on skype: christina.dennis3 or Yahoo: christinadennis08!!

Go to: http://www.christinadennis.bodybyvi.com/ to GET STARTED TODAY

I look forward to reading your Transformation Testimony!!


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