Well i am back and just wanted to do a post about whats been going on.  We have been in are own place well house for a month now but before then we were in a homeless shelter for a little more then 3 months and it was hard.  Are lanlord really screwed us over he was letting us pay weekly but there was alot of things wrong with are house so we wrote up a letter listing all the things that were wrong and just asked nicely for him to have them fixed it wasnt major things well he didnt like that at all and he wanted the whole rent right away that day and well 400 dollars is alot of money to just come up with so he gave us a 3 day notice and then we had a court date already in a week i dont know how so soon but then we were kicked out 2 days after the court date.  its been really hard and well the girls they have been taking it pretty good i should say they have handled it pretty good and well we are all excited that we finally got a place.  My fiancee the girls dad we been together 9 years and he got layed off 2 weeks ago and hes been fighting to get unemployment and its not easy.  So we are really struggling right now and i feel horrible because christmas is so close and i dont know what to do for my kids i dont want them to go with out they have been through so much aldready. I am hoping to find a angel that would help my family out for christmas. 


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