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A City on a Hill

Read | Matthew 5:14-16

God displays His children to the world like a city on a hill (Matt. 5:14). The light from a thriving metropolis can be seen for miles. Likewise, believers are to “shine” in such a way that others will observe our good works and honor God.

A Christian’s “faith light” is evident through his deeds. We want co-workers, friends, and others in our sphere of influence to sit up and take notice of the way that we live. The reason? Because once they see we’re not simply “out for number one,” they’ll want to know why. And that’s when they will begin to connect the dots, with thoughts like: He helps others even when it’s difficult . . . He says he does this because he’s a Christian . . . His God must by worthy and good.

The more people see believers doing good works, the more glory goes to God, who is the Author of our service record.

To balance the command to shine, however, the Lord did give an admonition in Matthew 6:1: “Beware of practicing your righteousness before men to be noticed by them.” In other words, be mindful of the motive. If we’re performing in order to get a pat on the back or the attention of others,we will lose out on a heavenly reward. That fleeting bit of worldly appreciation is all we’ll get for our efforts.

Believers are here to point others to the Lord whom they serve. We are a reflection of His light and glory. It is He who not only gives opportunity to shine but also equips us with the strength and gifts to work for the kingdom. As bright as we may be, we are nothing apart from the Lord.

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