Is it important to you to focus your heart and mind on the real meaning of CHRISTmas?

I do realize that December 25 is not the actual day of Jesus' birth, however, it is in fact the day we celebrate His birth and the true meaning of the holiday.

At Sister's In Spirit, we are having some fun as we get ready but we are alos working to keep our hearts and minds focused where they need to be during this time on the gift God has given to us, His son.

Between now and Christmas we will be looking at some specific Bible readings each week then having devotionals throughout the week to discuss what we are reading and allow God to speak to us about this time.

This week we are reading and discussing:

We would love to have you join us as we do learn together.  We are a great group of women who have fun together, pray with and for one another, and support each other as we work together to fulfill God's purpose for our lives.

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Nov. 30, 2010 at 4:02 PM

I'm enjoying learning more about Advent! We are doing this at church too!

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