Another mommy looking for help (( do u have milk or can u take the time to pump to help out another child... )) check out eats on feets if u want to help a mom in our area...  Remember even 2oz a day adds up in a month!!!

Hello, My name is Kristen. I am a 24yr old mother of 3. My newest child who is now 2months old is allergic to formula/soy, he has very bad digestive system and can handle nothing but breast milk. I was diagnosed with an intra-ductal yeast infection,staph infection and mastitis. I continued to nurse through the pain. The staph infection had gotten so bad that I was forced to stop nursing and pump and dump because the meds they switched me to were too strong and went through my milk. I am just now fully recovering over a month later bcuz they told me to let my milk dry up to completely rid the yeast and staff. I know and have been reaching out and in search of mothers who have extra milk to send to my little guy. I am thankful to the mothers who have shipped and to laura who was my wet nurse and pumped for him before she moved. He now souly depends on the help of other moms to feed him. Please, if you have a heart and are willing to help my son who is so full of life and needs your help! The closest milk bank is in VA and it is $5/oz which would cost me $250/day to feed him. Please, before you donate to the banks please think of my son. All day I worry about when his next feeding will come and at this point we may be forced to buy a goat for raw goats milk just to feed him. He is not gaining any weight. I have exhausted every avanue of would mean the world to him, and myself. Please pass this on if you know of anybody who may help us!
Our Ziggy!!!!

will pay shipping from NY,NJ,PA,CT,MA,VT!!!

if anyone has at least 500oz or more they could spare and are willing to fill up a cooler take it to a ups store and ship it out... would so so so be very thankful!!! Even if its from u and a friend... or anything we will so love to have any and all donations. we can only afford shipping with in a state of us or so!!! at 300oz - 500oz its enough to keep it selfs cool where it wont melt in trans. and u don;t have to use dry ice... 

Thank u for reading this... even if u can't help... please just pass this along!!!

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Nov. 30, 2010 at 11:26 PM

I'll be more than happy to pass it along but I do have one concern.  How are you screening the health of the women who are donating?  

I've been in the Childcare industry for over 28 years and one of the biggest worries for providers is how to handle breast milk.  It is a bodily fluid and we aren't allowed to ask if a mother has anything that can be transmitted through breast milk.  

We run risk to ourselves and our families if we don't use caution.

Be careful good luck with your awesome little boy!  He is beautiful!baby gift

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