10 Reasons

to Love Basic-H



Stop living in a toxic home

Some of the most questionable chemicals

used regularly in household products are ammonia,

chlorine, phenols, dichlorobenzene, and formaldehyde

and can be found under your kitchen sink.

Basic-H is nontoxic and safe for your family.


Eliminate your ammoniabased

window cleaner

Basic-H cleans windows without streaking

while being a great alternative to leading



Everything and the

kitchen sink

Basic-H cleans it all from kitchens and

bathrooms to appliances, woodwork,

mirrors, painted walls, and floors —

it even does windows, so toss those

single-purpose cleaners like sink and

tile cleaners.


Removes the


From lipstick on a linen napkin to

crayons on a painted wall, full-strength

Basic-H comes to the rescue.


On the cutting edge

A few drops on your knife sharpener keep

knives extra sharp. Be sure to rinse knives

thoroughly after sharpening.

6. Does odd jobs

 Two tablespoons of Basic-H in a bucket of hot

water lifts off old wallpaper. One tablespoon in a

half gallon cleans sticky paintbrushes. Just soak

for 24 hours and rinse in hot tap water.


Saves money

Diluted with water as directed, one 32-oz.

bottle of Basic-H equals nine 22-oz. bottles

of Simple Green®, 4,608 32-oz. bottles

of Windex®, or 188 32-oz. bottles of




Camping and

travel companion

A sample-size bottle of Basic-H is all

you need to keep clothes, dishes, and

everything else clean. And you’ll help

by keeping the great outdoors



Easy on the Planet

Biodegradable and environmentally

friendly, Basic-H handles even hardto-

clean jobs without phosphates,

borates, nitrates, corrosive chemicals,

or toxic fumes.


Less in the landfill

Basic-H is concentrated, so you’ll

use fewer bottles of cleaning products

throughout the year.

Nontoxic, high performance, economical, and great for the planet.

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