well its been along time since I have been on here. It's been a long year with some tears,scares and smiles. My little Ethan will be 3 next month but I'm thankful that 3 is here. We had some scares this year we thought that he had cancer so test after test and a stay at the hospital and all kinds of needles thankfully he doesnt. Were still having a problem with him not talking like he should but I got him a new doctor thats going to check all that out. I am no longer with his father, we split about 2 years ago.. It was hard but for the best. I did meet someone a wonderful man that I have known most of my life we hadn't seen each other in 20 years.. I was his first love in middle school.. back in April of this year he ask me to marry him and I said yes.. he's so good to my little boy to ethan jr is his daddy I have moved since I was on here last. my sons father kept threatening us that he was going to take off with ethan so we moved for his and my safety I am close to my boyfriend now..Its so hard especially as ethan gets older to do this on my own... but i do have some help which is good..

I feel lost on here now I don't know whats been going on... I don't have internet yet where I'm so far out in the country but trying I check messages when I come to visit my family...
So someone is going to have to catch me up.... I will post up to date pics when I can... going home tomorrow so it will be next month maybe.... good to be back cant wait to chat

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