Today was a good day. We went out and ran some errands. went the lunch and even  went to the casino for a bit and relaxed and laughed. Like we used to. It felt good. It's been so long since I feel we've had a normal day.  It seems "she" always had to interfere in our life some way or the other. I think that I only even thought of "it" one time today. I always called my husband Jimmy, my pet name for him and since he's ended his "a" I stopped, til lately. All of the sudden today I thought, did she call him that too? And I asked him. He said no. (I remember when I accessed his voicemail and heard her all of the time call him "babe" or saw notes she wrote to him "babe") the lol part is his ex wife called him babe and he hates her so much. I still am having such a difficult time beleiving anything he tells me. I want to, I need to but after lieing for so long, even calling me every day (but weekends) when he was away working and also living with her, telling me he loved me on and on, is the hardest thing I'm having to deal with. But today was a good day all in all

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Dec. 3, 2010 at 11:14 PM

It is great that it was a good day - and take it one day at a time.  Trust is not going to come flying back through an open door.  It will take time and patience on his part in order for you to feel comfortable once again.  He will have to understand when you ask where he was, how long he will be gone, or tell him you are going with.  He will need to understand that things dont just drop back to the way they were.  With lots of communication and starting from scratch - like today - you will get it back.  Just dont expect it to fly right back in.  You have reason to be cautious.  It will take awhile to feel comfortable again.  

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