As an English assignment, I asked our high school students to write a letter to Santa.  The only stipulation was that they could not ask for things for themselves (money, games, etc.) but that they should ask for gifts for other people.  At first they all thought the assignment was silly, but when they turned their letters in, I was touched by what many of them wrote.  With their permission, here are some excerpts -



Dear Santa:

I wish that my mom and her boyfriend would get into drug rehab.  I just want them to live a happy, sober life with the family. - C.



 Dear Santa: 

I wish that my mom could have a better job.  The reason I wish this is because right now she works so hard for practically nothing.  She lives from pay check to pay check.  She stresses out so much and at the end of the day her hands are all swollen and her feet are killing her.  She doesn't deserve that. - J.



Dear Santa:

This Christmas I want for my family to forgive me for all I did.  I have done some things that has ruined my trust with them.  - D.



Dear Santa: 

I want my family to all be together for Christmas because I feel we are falling apart.  - B.



Dear Santa:

For Christmas all I ask for is for all the little kids in the world to have a good Christmas.  For them to have their parents with them, not on drugs and alcohol, so the parents can remember a warm and fun filled Christmas.  For all the little kids in the world to just be with their parents. - S.  (this student's parents are deceased)



 All of their letters were a reminder that, as tough as many of them pretend to be, they are all still children.  And if Santa could grant their wishes, all they really want is peace, family, and love. 


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