Yep.  1 hour.

For anyone who has or hasn't followed my story,  I was "past my due date" and really having a struggle with making the choice of having my water broken. There was a lot of external factors involved (loooong story), and my instincts kept telling me to hold off.  My depression and pain however was getting the best of me. This baby was my second attempt at a natural hospital VBAC.  It was of utmost importance to me to have as little intervention as possible, as long as baby and I were ok.  

Monday the 6th, his EDD, I made the decision to have my midwife sweep my membranes. I was already dialated to a 6 and baby was in -1 station, and we thought that little extra 'bump' would get us going.  I had been having "false labor" for 8 weeks. Through the week some issues with my DH's work and time off came up and we found ourselves in very stressful situation, and we were also having to watch the amniotic fluid because it was beginning to I decided Friday I would make one more attempt at having my membranes swept.  If his didn't  work, despite my gut instinct to not do it, I scheduled them to break my water if nothing happened by Saturday morning.  This was NOT am easy decision.

At around 4:30 on Friday my doc swept my membranes.  I called my mom and asked her to come watch the kids so my hubby and I could go walking until this baby dropped out  (lol).  Got home around 6 after running a few quick errands, and as I stepped out of the Durango, I felt a kind of popping and then a lot of pain.  I knew right away that it was my cervix opening.  Go upstairs and not long after I was hit with another wave of pain.  I instanly went into denial as my hubby instantly called my midwife and doula and literally pushed me out the door. Luckily my mom was there already...

We got to the hospital about 10 minutes later (630ish), and I could barely make it into the room. My midwife had already informed the staff of my natural birth wishes, and they were ready, which was really good!  I made it into the room and noone really bothered me about anything.  I requested a gown and it took what seemed forever as I tried through the contractions to get out of my other clothes.  My doula showed up shortly after, and I was so relieved that she was there, and my body must have known, cuz it insantly kicked into high gear.  Before I knew it, I was up on the delivery bed in the only position I found anywhere close to bearable, screaming that I didn't want to give birth and wishing to god I could flee from my body and let someone else do it.  My doula qucikly got me grounded, and I amazingly got control over my birth, and though I was sure I was going to split in 2 when I felt his body starting to come down the canal, I knew it would be over sooner the harder I worked, so I pushed and pushed until I felt his head, and then I pushed more until his body was out!  I think it took about 10 big pushes.  After he was out, my doula helped lean me back ( I was on my knees with my front up against the elevated back of the bed) and my midwife held my baby up to me from inbetween my legs, and I was amazed at how much energy I had to hold him.  I automatically kissed him as he began to cry, and then I got help turning around so they could clean him while we worked on breastfeeding and getting the placena out.

Everything became a blur during that time, but soon the placenta was out and we discovered that we were very lucky to not have broken my water.  i am still waiting to talk to my midwife about the details, but it had something to do with where the bag actually broke (he was born partially in it) and also how the cord vessels were attached to the placenta...  I KNEW my instincts were telling me something........

Isaac Ian was born at 7:31 p.m. on 12/10/10......   1 hour after arriving at the hospital. He weighed 7 pounds, 10 oz, and was 19.5 inched long.  He is doing really well, eating great and sleeps a ton!  And I didnt tear!  woohoo!

I have been suffering from horrid post partum contractions.  The night of his birth I was taking 2 percocet  every 4 hours but it actually didnt kick into my system til the next day..  which sucked a LOT because I was too painful to sleep, but also because it all for some reason hit me in the morning and I basically suffered a drug overdose.  I spent half of yesterday puking and passed out and unable to hold or feed my new baby!   I finally got some rest and woke up feeling better, but unable to take anymore pain meds, so I am dealing with an absoluely awful amount of pain.  I hope it stops soon. Sometimes I shake so bad while I am feeding my little man that I have to stop because I can't hold him.

Tomorrow I take him and me to my chiropractor to get adjustments and get me back on the road to recovery!  I am feeling so  so happy that my hubby will be home with me for the next few days.  My other boys are so excited about their little brother too!  So glad to be home.  I can wait to get caught up on everyone else here and babies born recently!

Here we are!


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Dec. 13, 2010 at 10:15 AM

congratulations! you look beautiful and your little man is adorable!

i know what you mean about the post partum contractions. after my fourth baby, they were the worse. they hurt more than labor contractions. it seriously was almost unbearable! i dreaded having to feed my baby because i knew what was coming. i would get tunnel-vision and just feel like i was going to either pass out or vomit from the pain! sooo glad that's over with. so, i feel for you, cause i know how horrible it is.

congratulations again! enjoy this time with your dh and kids!

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Jan. 11, 2011 at 6:49 AM

amazing <3

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Jan. 26, 2011 at 8:15 PM

Congrats!  Great job!  I love hearing about another natural birth... not to mention a VBAC :)

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