Video games are once again expected to top holiday wish lists, but how do you tell which games are appropriate for kids?  Now there's an app for that!

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) -- which assigns the age and content ratings found on computer and video games -- announced the upgraded version of its free mobile app, which features the ability to search for rating summaries using the phone's camera. Now parents can quickly and easily look up a game's in-depth rating summary by simply snapping a photo of the game box with their iPhone or Android phone.  

Just like movies, not all games are appropriate for every child.  Rating summaries, which are available at but are not displayed on game boxes as are the ESRB ratings and content descriptors, provide parents with a detailed, straightforward explanation -- including specific examples -- of the content that factored into a game's rating.  By using the ESRB mobile app to access rating summaries, parents can make truly informed game choices for their children.

The ESRB mobile app is available for free via the Apple App Store or the Android Market.

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