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My life as a wife & mother of 3

 I think I have realized the reason we are all here. Or at least the reason I am here. (as in here on this earth)

I sit here at home day in & day out doing the same basic things........I care for my children & husband, I cook, I clean, etc. Sometimes, ok many times, I've wondered why am I here? What's the point of all this? Why have we been put here only to spend a large chunk of our short lives doing the same monotonous activities looking forward to a few short special moments? For instance it's almost Christmas time and I have waited so long to celebrate it with my two new babies and the rest of my family that the other days in this month have all but flown away for me!! It seems, at least in my life, I'm always waiting for a few special days each month to come and the rest of the days I just get up, do what I need to do, & go back to bed. I get up for my children & husband but if I didn't have them I would probably just sleep sometimes.

Then what kind of gets me is that those few special days I look forward to come and go so fast I barely remember what made them so special to begin with ya know?!?! When Christmas comes it will be here and gone in a few short hours. Just 2 months ago I was pregnant and waiting for my twins to be born so that I could start my bigger family life and now theyr're here and getting so big! How is it possible that they are 2 months old already?? I love every single day and I'm greatful for every single day, but they just seem to fly away from me the second I turn my head to look at something else.

But recently I have realized that time flies for this reason............I'm doing what i'm supposed to be doing! I'm a wife & a mother. I'm raising my kids alongside my soulmate. Since I've found him and had our children my life is filled with things to do therefore it feels like time never slows down. I may not be a doctor saving lives, I may not be rich & famous, I may not get to do every single thing I want to do but I'm doing the most important thing of all.  I'm raisng my 3 kids to be good people who go out into the world and make a contribution. Maybe they will even have kids of their own someday so in a way every mother raises her children so that they can raise theirs, and their children can raise more children and on and on. One mother can literally raise several generations of children in a way. She can teach her kids to be kind, to be respectful, to be good people and they can teach the next generations to do the same.

So the purpose in my life is to be a mother!! I am so proud to be a mom and I hope that I do a good job since now I realize that my job is such an important one. I can't believe I ever thought that being a mom wasn't the greatest thing I have ever done!

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Dec. 15, 2010 at 5:45 PM

That's really sweet! It is the best thing of all, isn't it? I know I always heard people say that before, but I don't think you can really understand until you have kids of your own =)

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Dec. 15, 2010 at 7:33 PM

Yes, being a mother is very important.  I think we are many things in our lifetimes and we are constantly evolving in our roles.  It is what makes life interesting I guess.

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