first i get put on bed rest. you know thats always fun. then my youngest Catelynn ends up in the ER with strep. and now its being passed around the house. i still have so much more baking to do and i have no idea how im going to finish shopping on bed rest. my home laptop broke so now we have to take that in. talk about just wanting to go under a rock and hide! i really just want my babies to get better. alexis is starting to cough like crazy so she is going to the dr. tomorrow. i may be going back again because i am still having plenty of contractions. i think its cause im so stressed out. now i just hope and pray i dont get strep. i dont have my tonsiles anymore and the last time i had it (about 2 1/2 yrs ago) my throat swelled so bad i could hardly breath. 

oh could this week get anymore crazy? i sure hope not!!

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