Tomorrow will be 3rd of 6 months of supervised visits with my PCP for my insurance. Then on Jan 6th I will do a follow up with the NUT n see the Social worker. I am getting closer to getting the band done. I can't wait. I have been doing my Wii fit again too. I am getting to the point I wanna workout too. I have been eating better and less too. Drinking water and drinking maybe 1/2 a soda that will take me all day to drink too. I am hoping tomorrow I have lost a couple of lbs. I have to lose and keep off 5-10 lbs for the next 3 months for my insurance.

My Saying for this journey Don't let anyone keep you down. If they try they aren't worth your time. Get away from them & surround yourself with the comfort of your friends & don't give up

I would like to thanks everyone for being in my corner during my journey and hopefully you all will be there for my after too.



UPDATE FROM THE DR!!  I have lost 5 lbs from the 2nd to 3rd month appts

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