Here are the deets on the degree program I want to do.  It's a two year program and I'm excited.  I wasn't this excited when I started (and stopped) the Bachelor's in Business Administration.  Once this degree is completed, I may be able to expand my job search here.

And so, if I were to take the four classes necessary to get this particular degree started, it's going to cost $810 before classes even start for Spring semester. During my phone call (or possible visit) tomorrow, I'm going to ask what they do with veterans using their GI Bill. Again, I'm looking into taking geometry instead of college algebra. I don't have to worry about that until the second year.

School Catalog for Northeast Texas Community College


Law Enforcement Emphasis

(Associate of Science)

Faculty Advisors for this program are Bob Hedges, Richard Jones and Leonard Newman.

This is a suggested curriculum for students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or 

university. Transferability and specific requirements can be determined only by the receiving 

institution. Students should consult a counselor or academic advisor early in their program of 

study. Only college level courses apply toward completion of this curriculum and the graduation requirements for the Associate of Science Degree. Demonstration of computer literacy is 

required. See Item 2, Page 104.


First Semester     Credits

ENGL*  1301  English Composition I  3

HIST*  1301  History of the United States to 1877  3

SOCI*  1301  Introductory Sociology or 3

PSYC*  2301  Introduction to Psychology or (3)

(ECON 2301 or ECON 2302 or ANTH 2351)  (3)

CRIJ  1301  Introduction to Criminal Justice  3

CRIJ  1307  Crime in America  3

PHED*   Physical Education Elective  1

   Total Credits  16

Second Semester

ENGL*  1302  English Composition II  3

HIST*  1302  History of the United States since 1877  3

*  Visual and Performing Arts Elective 


CRIJ  1310  Fundamentals of Criminal Law  3

Elective  3

PHED*   Physical Education Elective  1

   Total Credits  16


First Semester

GOVT*  2305  American National Government  3

*  Laboratory Science Elective  4

*  Humanities Elective (SPAN 2311, 2312, 2323,

2324, PHIL, Literature)  3

MATH*    Elective (College Algebra or equivalent or higher)  3

CRIJ  2328  Police Systems and Practices  3

   Total Credits  16

Second Semester

GOVT*  2306  State and Local Government  3

SPCH*  1311  Fundamentals of Speech  3

*  Laboratory Science Elective  4

CRIJ  2323  Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement  3

Elective  3

   Total Credits  16


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