So every year the DHs family does their Chritmas get together around noon on New Years Day. My uncle is coming in from out of town that day because he is having surgery the 3rd and can't come the following week. But I figured we would spend a few hours with DHs family and a few hours with my uncle. Not to mention DHs cousin has to work at 3 so that would be perfect. Well, his Aunt called me to say that she talked to MIL and she said she likes to nap in the afternoon so can we do it later. And I told her that we would be late. His aunt also told me MIL was like "Too bad for Adrianne that she can't come" and she told me it was not said nicely. OK His mom does not work Friday and she does not go in again until Sunday. How is that the holiday spirit. I'd like to nap too.....So I guess when Sherry realised what an issue this was going to be for us also She called MIL again. Want to know MILs solution? Lets do it later then. I hope she realises that that does nt mean we will stay later. My kids go to bed at a certain time or they fight it tooth and nail and get up a billion times a night. I just feel like since she is nt working and does not have children she should not be the one getting to tell people what to do. If I was DHs aunt I never would have given her the choice. I just would have told her what time to be over. Oh and we did Chistmas with MIL and FIL so its not like they will be losing out on that. And this isnt the first time she has pulled this. And to top it off all I am going to hear about is how they never see the kids and blah bla blah. Well clean your house and put your drugs awa and maybe we would come over. Not to mention last tim we had plans for 5 (we were busy earlier) she told us THAT was her nap time??? DH works the same shift she does, but they never let him nap. She is so frusterating! OK ladies thanks for letting me vent! I just needed to get that off y chest before I blow up at her (which is definitly nott the Christmas spirit LOL)

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