I went grocery shopping yesterday for 2 weeks.  My goal was $150 for each week.  I went over $40.01.  Still I am proud of myself.  I did not but any junk except MIL pepsi free.  Everything I bought was for meals and snacks.  And that includes things like shampoo toilet paper tampons, laundry soap and other household items.  Compared to $300-$400 a week I did damn good!!  Happy dance!!

I took Zach with me and when we got to the ,checkout counter with 2 full grocery carts, he was joking about all the food.  After ringing everything up and totaling, his mouth dropped.  He had no idea how much food cost.  He actually apologized for wasting food then asked for a bag of pretzels!!  It was nice though cuz its like a light went on in his head.  While he was helping me peel taters , he asked me if I really thought we needed that many!!  I do feel bad cuz he didnt ask for seconds, which he usually does, instead he put his plate away and ate 1/2 pb and j sandwich  The boys were hot on my trail though at 7 for the peanut butter pie i made for dessert!!  I have a set a strict guideline for snacks in this house. I have never done that before, just if your hungry go get it, I had no idea how much was food was actually wasted that way.

Here is my menu for today:

Breakfast- chz omelet with tst, milk, or juice( i have 1 that hates milk)

snack- 1 fruit

Lunch- ham sandwich and tomato soup kool aid

snack- pb and crackers choco milk

dinner- pork chops cabbage and carrots blk eye peas and a glass of tea

dessert- red velvet cake and ice cream (dads bday!!)

I dont think thats too bad.  I made  4 loaves of bread last night and today I will make cinnamon rolls for breakfast tomorrow

I did finally find a recipe for kool aid pie that I will try this weekend.

Oh a final note, MIL, SIL, and hubby liked the cornmeal mush, but the kids hated it.  I didnt even try it!! (too chicken)


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