Yesterday for the first day ever in my 21 years of life, since the birth of my first son at 17 and my second son at 19, I had a cop at my door looking for me. He came into my house and told me that there was a call that I was screaming at my kids. The truth is I did yell at my son, who is 3, for doing something that could have hurt him. There is a stack of boxes in my living room next to an ottoman and a chair. He climbed the boxes, across the ottoman, to get to the chair a couple times and I had told him not to twice. The third time I yelled(not screamed) to "GET OFF THE BOXES AND GO TO THE CORNER."  The neighbors could have heard easily because the walls are thin in our apartment.

After 5 minutes in timeout I told him why what he did was not okay. After that we had lunch and I put my kid to bed. I go downstairs and start picking up my son's toys and I hear a knock on my door. I open the door and its a cop. WTF? He told me that within the last 15-20 minutes it was reported that I was screaming at my kids. I told him that I had yelled at my son but that was all I could say. I was in total shock and I couldn't stop crying. He asked me to take him up to see my kids. We went into my 2 year old's room. My son stood in his crib smiling. The cop walked over said hi to my son, asked me his name, and asked when his diaper had been changed. I had changed him before I laid him down about 10 minutes before he got their.

We left his room and went to my 3 year old's room. I go in first and my son is on his windowsill  between the safety gate(all the low windows on the top floors have them.) and the glass. He does this frequent but he can't get back out. The cop comes in as I am pulling him out. "We got a call about a monkey in your window." He asked my son his name and then told him to "Get his butt in bed."  We went downstairs. He told me that everything was fine and nothing else would come of his visit.

After he left I continued crying for quite awhile. Tears turned to anger. I can not raise my voice even slightly with out worrying the cops will be here. I tear have teared up and cried several times today already. I am terrified when my kids make too much noise. Does it sound like they are being hurt to my neighbors? Can a laugh can sound like pain through a wall?

It is wrong when a parent has to be fearful of how they discipline their children. I could understand if my kids would have been screaming like I was hurting them or if I had been screaming full on screaming at them but I didn't I raised my voice, I yelled... It is not illegal to yell or to spank, I did something parents do everyday when their children get in trouble but the cops show up at my door. 

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Dec. 31, 2010 at 8:19 PM

Wow, sounds like you have some real losers for neighbors.  Why didn't they come by and make sure everything was okay themselves?

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May. 28, 2011 at 5:54 PM

Wow thats crazy. I am sorry hun

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