Today is January 1st, so many people start with "new resolutions".  They promise to become completely different people in a variety of ways, thinner, sexier, healthier, richer, nicer, etc.  Now I am not against resolutions and have made them myself many times, but I think this year I will refocus my energies and not consider them "resolutions", changes that will be difficult to achieve and will likely force me to face my failures.

This year I am going to practice setting goals.  I will focus on results, what I want from my life, where I want to be, what I want to do, and use the goals as guidelines to living the rest of my life.  For example, I consider myself to be a relatively ambitious person.  After all, I already have one business and I am trying to start a second one.  But that's the rub, I am "trying" and there are mental blockages in that path that are preventing me from actualizing the second business.  I am setting a goal to have that business be up and running on April 1st, which is reasonable considering what needs to be done provided it is actually done.  I will use the goal to motivate myself to do the work that's required.  I also am unhappy with my general level of health and fitness.  I recently had a scare that included a scary infection that was difficult to treat.  I know when I was younger it would have been much easier, and I know if I was in better overall fitness and health it also would have been a less traumatic experience.  I want to be healthy and vibrant for my family, friends, and business, so my goal is better health.  I will use that goal to evaluate my eating and exercise habits each day, without guilt, without the rigidity of a resolution that will likely cause me to fail.  Another goal I have is to end each day feeling peaceful.  That goal will be realized as I find ways to achieve good self-esteem, and I will work on that daily.

Becoming a goal oriented person will make 2011 a better experience.  I wish everyone peace and joy in the new year.

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