This set of 25 free baby shower bingo cards offers pictures and words as well as a call sheet. They are free to print and you can print one, five, 15 or all 25 free baby shower bingo cards. There are two files you'll need to open at the Moms Break page which offers this free printable baby shower bingo. β€œClick Here" The print the free files to get this baby shower game, the first being the 25 bingo cards, you only need to print what how many you want, but remember this file may take a moment to open due to its large size. The second file is the call sheet and you will need to print this and cut out the call cards to be put into a bowl to be pulled out when calling the bingo game. The bingo cards do not need to be cut out, they print one per page.

To make this baby shower be know a bit more fun and in case you decide that you want to play more than once, I suggest you get a bag of either peanut, mints or a bag of baby pens, toy baby pens or other baby related items that are small enough to fit in the cells of the bingo card and have people use those to mark when they have a match to a call, however if at the baby shower this is only going to play played once or you have printed extra bingo cards then you can give the guests a pen or pencil to mark off their matches.

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Visit page offering this free printable:



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