So I have been dealing with panic attacks for a long time. I did the medication and the meditation and I still work with the meddition but I am just not doing well with the Fibromyalgia at all, They trigger bad panic attacks and I am going through one now. I have wide spread pain some days and others it is just in one spot.Today it is in my jaws and neck area. I feel it bad I don't take meds for that either but it hurts I was trying hard just to go about my day but nope my panic attack is kicking in so now my chest is tighting up and I am freaking out. I know it will pass in like ten to twenty minuters on it's own but that is small comfort for the during attack!! i am just freaking out and wishing someone couold relate with me!!!!!!

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Jan. 4, 2011 at 2:56 PM

have u checked on the fibromyalgia websites. u can change ur diet which is something i just recently did in the last week and it seems to have helped the fibro alittle bit.

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