Question: Should I listen to my stepmom and


Not work at all

work outside the home PT

work from home

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I have 4 things to do this year (and someone is in the way from the other)

1) Lose weight I need to lose 79 lbs. Stress doesn't help and so when you all read #4 you'll see why I haven't lost much

2)well I need to eat healthy you can tell by my nails I need something protein or iron,which leads to my        " real #2 new thing" I USE TO BITE MY NAILS so I want to stop and I have and I want to keep NOT BITING

3) try to do better around the house which will help losing weight

4) I Need more $$$$,I am willing to work (I'll probaly vent here)PT  (and so was my brother) we are on SSI and he had to go open his mouth to his mom my stepmom about us going out working part time and she got all mad and started her  "you all can make on this (this month MY spending money is 26.00) money make it stretch,You don't the internet, the cable ,a dog, go to a store, even she said I can make my growing 15 1/2 yr old teenage son eat less she said take his food away. I called SS they said I can make so much without getting my check taked all away. My brother has to call every dang blasted person who thinks they know every thing. Sorry for Venting I'm going to look for maybe a work from home job again, I have done this before just never found one I really like.I just believe in supporting your child in all that is good. My son gets SSI too and when he wants a job I will say yes cause I am his mom, my stepmom isn't


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