Yesterday and days before it I ran around silly trying to get things in order for my baby boys first birthday. I got the cake, the decorations, the party favors, the table covers, the food and the untesils. Wow it has been a whole year, feels like yesterday I was in the delivery room praying that my little man would make it out the womb with ten toes, ten fingers and a lil wee wee! Now he is walking, running, laughing, talking, playing, crying, jumping, kicking, screaming, reacting.Babies birthdays are blessings.

I really wish I could have enjoyed his frist year. Enjoyed him getting up in the night, enjoyed his first bath, first smilke, first roll over, crawl, walk, sleep. Instead I was back in school 3 weeks after birth readiing, writing, speaking, listening, answeriong, correcting, learning all so we can have a better future. Nevertheless babies birthdays are blessings.

Today I bathed him and took extra long time washing every nook and cranny. I massaged his skin with lotion and powdered his butt and dressed him, fed him and now he is napping. I smiled while I thought about how silly it was for me to clean my house spotless for in a couple of hours many little rugrats are going to destroy it from top to bottom. But it is ok because babies birthdays are blessings.

Today is his day, he will sing, dance, blow, toss, eat, open, and play. I will watch, snap the shot, smile and thank God that my baby saw another day.

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Jan. 9, 2011 at 12:09 AM I'm right there with you. I can't believe my little one will be 1 at the end of Jan.

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