Instead of making New Years Resolutions, I want to adopt a word that will encourage and inspire me this coming year. 

I have finally decided my word for 2011 is going to be Embrace.  2010 was a very rough year and as a good friend put it to me one day when i was complaining "Cindy dear, I know you hate change, but without change God can't move you forward to what he has for you".  So I want to embrace this year and embrace whatever changes God has in store for me.
E= Embrace, grab onto, hug my friends & family
M= Mend broken relationship w/ my Dad-embrace him
B= Be in the moment, don't worry about the future
R= React positively to change instead of whining
A= Accept changes - trust God
C= Care about others more than myself
E= Enjoy the times w/ my family and quit complaining about them. 

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Jan. 9, 2011 at 3:29 PM


Those are very good words to live by Cindy! 

I had a rough year also.  Amber has been in Japan since July and I miss her terribly.  I feel like my life has no purpose now.  I go to work,come home and go to bed.  I need to get  a life.  I have to force myself to socialize , even to go to church.   I think I am depressed but I am going to pull my self out of it!

Hope this year is better for you. 




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