Princess free bingo game for kids is an instant free printable which means you can print this using your own printer. This Princess bingo set comes with two files.

The first file is a set of 15 Princess bingo cards with a mixture of Princess pictures and Princess and fairytale related pictures as well as a list of Princess related words. You can print one, six, or all 15 Princess bingo cards. I have made each Princess picture a little different so when you call the pictures you will need to describe the picture or show the call card, such as Princess in yellow dress. Of course this will be combined with the call sheet letter at the top of the card.

The second file is the Princess bingo call sheets. The first two pages on this file are the Princess pictures and words. The third and fourth pages are the letter calls for the top of the page, by letter calls I mean the BINGO that run across the top of the bingo card. After printing the call pages, cut out the boxes around the pictures, words and call letters.

The bingo cards do not need cut out because they're full sheet bingo cards which makes them easy for kids to play bingo.

When you're ready to play this Princess bingo game you will need two bowls, one bowl is for page one and two of the call sheet for pictures and words. The second bowl is for the call letters page three and four of the call sheet. This way you can draw a picture or word then the letter (B-I-N-G-O) to go with the picture or word then you can call out the match, for example, B - carriage or G - the word Princess.

I suggest using pencils to mark an X over a matching to the callers call of, for example, B - carriage so that if someone makes a mistake they can erase it.

Whether it's for a Princess theme birthday party, a little girls play date or family game of the in the evening these Princess bingo printables are fun instant game.

Get these free Princess Bingo!

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