Oh! Why can't everyday feel this good?

There are certain days that have a "feel". Thanksgiving day has one. Christmas has a feel. Birthdays have a feel, Here in the south, Snow days have a feel. 

We awoke Monday morning to over 7 inches in our county. My husband and 4 year old son dashed out all bundled up and had a snowman up in no time. This is not our son's first snow, but there's something special about a snow day that brings out those warm fuzzy feelings in him and us alike.

I tend to get nostalgic and take LONG walks down our quiet, rural road singing softly to myself songs like "Let it snow" or "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" even though Christmas has passed. The wildlife bounds with joy and birds come out of hiding, gobbling up all the bird seed they can hold. Back yards become the new entertainment as families come together laughing and sledding. It makes you just wonder, Oh why can't everyday feel this good?

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