Ok. I think that the last time that I wrote a post I was still living in Sanford Florida. Well sense then I have moved back to Virginia for a year and then i moved to Indianapolis Indiana. For those that don't know my story, "its a long one", but to make it a little short. My soon to be ex-hubby is in jail for some thing that he did and i want to divorce him for it. And because i want to divorce him, his step dad decided since i wasn't going to be married to his "son" then i couldn't have my kids. so he sued me for custody of both of my kids and won. so now i am trying to get my life together so that i can get tyner and brylee back. i  haven't had a job in a while cause there really isn't anything out there, i am basically homeless. i am grateful that i have friends that are willing to help me get back on my feet. but nothing is moving as fast as i thought it would. i know that i am starting to ramble on and on. but hey that's me.. i know that some times i don't make and sense at all...... but who cares... i know that i don't... but any ways i just thought that you would want to know what i have been up to since the last time i was on.... hope to hear from you guys soon.... MLAR

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