Day 2

I stayed home from work Wednesday due to the more than 2 feet of snow in 12 hours we got.  I got my firsthand experience in potty training.  We had 2 pees in the potty and 5 on my floor and 1 in the highschair.  I broke down and agreed to full time training pants.  It may take longer to fully potty train but I wont be doing daily laundry to wash all my towels from cleaning up messes.

Day 3

I went to work so daddy was in charge again.  We had 3 pees and 2 poops in the potty with Little Man telling Daddy BEFORE he went that he had to go.  A couple accidents, but an encouraging day.  It also showed us that he is indeed ready to potty train.  He has the concept now he needs the practice.  Also there is something to be said for the startle response because he told Daddy he had to pee, sat on the toilet for a minute, got up and ran away.  He started peeing on the floor and Daddy shouting his name startled him long enough that Daddy could get him back to the potty and tucked in before he finished peeing.

Day 4

Not the most encouraging day thus far.  Only 1 pee in the potty, right before bed.  The only time he spoke up about needing the potty he didn't actually go.  I just have to remember patience and consistency are the keys.  He will get it. He will get it.  He will get it. LOL.

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