When I was young, I can remember my older brother telling our mom that she loved me most, because I was the baby. After hearing this for the millionth time, I couldn't help but wonder which one she did love the most. Every time we'd ask her, she'd tell us both that she loved us the same. We didn't buy that.
Well now I'm older, I've loved quit a bit so far in my lifetime and since becoming a mother, I think I finally get it. So I've decided to share my thoughts.
  • The day I was born, God put Love in my heart for my mother and my father. He gave me the love that I needed to trust them with every aspect of my life, to learn from them, to let them guide me. My love for them can never be duplicated, or replaced. I love them absolutely.
  • As I grew, God gave me Love for my big brother. This Love came with a certain respect and adoration that allowed me to look up to him. It compels me to be there for him when he needs me, to worry for him when times are hard, and to feel his love even when we're miles apart. No one could understand the Love we share.
  • Later in life, God gave me Love to give a stranger. Love that turned a friend into so much more than that. Love that hurts for her when she hurts, that rejoices in her rejoicing. She is my best friend, and I love her without obligation- because the things we share are ours alone.
  • In high school God sent me my "First Love." A Love to loose myself in, to be completely reckless, carefree, and absorbed in. It was a Love to learn from, to keep with me forever. Even though romantic feelings may fade, my heart will hold a piece of him.
  • As an adult, God gave me Love to build a life around. A Love so strong and so lasting that I could use it as the foundation for the rest of my life. Love to give me strength when I'm falling to pieces. Love for better or worse, forever and always. My Love for my husband is so great, that it couldn't be contained within the two of us. Our Love for each other created life.
  • When I became a mother, God sent me a Love greater than I could have ever known existed. Love that I could give constantly and unconditionally. Love to keep me awake through sleepless nights. Love that shows me the beauty in this world, when all I can see is sorrow. A Love that seems to grow impossibly with every hug and every kiss. A Love that is so incredibly overwhelming, it brings me to tears.

The beautiful thing about Love is that it is truly infinite. It's never divided, just added to with every person we allow into our hearts. It's not mine to take away, only mine to give. Once you decide to let some one into your heart, they are there forever.

Now I can see that it's not about who we love more, because there is no more or less. There is only Love. When my children get older and wonder, I know one day they will ask me the eternal question: "Mommy, who do you love more?"

My answer will be simply, "I don't love anyone more. I just Love them different. I love every one with a different piece of my heart, and lucky for me I can never run out of pieces to give. None is more important than the next. Every smile I give is different, and every 'I love you' is special."



**** This is copied and pasted from my old CM account. I didn't want to lose it in the transition as I would love for my kids to read it some day.

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