We are scheduled for another doctor's visit. We have been at this since last June. I love the amount of services they have available for children on the ASD/PDD spectrum. And I am so thankful for the improvement I've seen in my son. After going on 7 months of constant appointments, I am ready to avoid any human in white coat. I would do anything to help my son. It is only natural that the waiting rooms that have become our daily lives have taken its toll on my marriage and relationship with my other child. I pray for the day when my son will only have speech and see a pediatrician once a year. He is so amazing. As soon as I find a way to link him to our basic human society rules, he will flourish so well. He only truly needs it during school age. He may never truly be bothered by other people's treatment of him. It may be one of my favorite things about him being on the spectrum.


Instead, my second born takes on the role of big brother and is extremely protective and hard on his brother. He is the link. He has a way of communicating with him that brings my autistic son back to our world. At times, he understands better than we do what is going on. He is so wonderful and so advanced. It can be heartbreaking having one son who is delayed and another who is advanced for his age. But I have learned to celebrate their individual accomplishments. Thankyou God for  both my boys.

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