Journey back to ME.

My battle with stress, and anxiety.

Your probably wondering why ... This post is called "HURRY UP"...

Well I will tell you why... I am so needed Spring right now.

It's not because we have had a really harsh winter.. Heck this is the mildest Winter we have had in over 5 yrs. I am so glad for it.. I am able to work and make it up and down my driveway.. which in the past I couldn't and that would raise my blood pressure and my anxiety... SO I truly thank GOD for giving me a break this winter.. :))

On the other hand I am so tired all the time. I seem to have to really find energy to do what I need to as a mom, a wife and a co worker... I'm starting to feel the need to NAP... Yikes.. Could it be my age? or anxiety and age?  I know when Summer comes around I wont have the nap feeling but till then I will struggle to make it through the day... Meds even though not much taken do not help with the fight to stay awake.. But ... as always I shall percerver.. :) ( I hope I spelled that right) lol

Ok.. so I have a few Ideas that I am working with a few women on... It's a fund raiser for Anxiety and panic and post tramatic stress disorder.. and Yes it will also include a few other areas.. ::))) I feel it's time to raise awareness.. and funds... We need to get to the bottom of whats going on with us.. and this has been around  since the 18th century.. so really they should have some idea as to what is causing it .. why our bodies and brains fight against us... I will fight till there is an explanation... Now is the time.. I will keep you updated on what is going on and how our progress is coming.. If your interested in helping us .. then message me. Right now we are in the early stages but I know people all over the world just waiting to help us on this ... but we always need more help.. :) We are going to put anxiety up there with all the others.. :)) as far as awareness.. It is a disorder and we deserve a cure too..:)) 

As far as how things are going for me.... Well I went to my therapist.. and boy I needed it.. My 5 yr old had a bad case of the Strep and he was very ill .. and then it turned to Croup.. and he's still got that .. but with appts and running all over my body is beat. So when this last Wednesday came .. I was ready to spill it all. After talking to him we also talked about all the bouts of Trama I have been through and everything that my life has been like. I have had so much happen that I'm thinking it's time to face it all slowly and one thing at a time. So for the next month he will educate me on what is called reflective therapy.. I believe that is what it is called. Anyway a person spends time relaxing, deep breathing, and then they spend 3 mins in the most tramatic time in their life. Each tramatic thing that happened will be visited throught the next 6 months or so.. anyway .. that 3 mins I will have to think and see and feel as if I am there.. after 3 mins is up I will open my eyes and stop .. stop thinking about it all and I will tell him or write down how I feel and what thoughts fill my mind.

This is something they use to help draw out the trama because usually when someone has trama it stays in their brain and doesn't just go through like other thoughts and eposiodes. So we are trying this and please keep me in your thoughts .. as it will be high anxiety and can even trigger major panic attacks. Ive been told I might even have to take time off from work.. depending on how it all effects me. I told my therapist anything is worth a try... I need to find the core of all this so I can get better!! Even though I am told I will not fully be  rid of panic..

Work is slow.. and we are hoping to pick up some more customers.. Otherwise .. I'm not sure what will happen with my hours. I know that I need this job.. :) It keeps me out and doing things .. not in the house.. :) which is a good thing.

Well that's about it .. again I will update you on  this organization I am trying to start... I know with the great people on board it will work.. it's got to... :) and if you are intersted please message me ...

If you are looking for a great group ... come visit us as well ... if you suffere from stress, anxiety, panic, post tramatic stress disorder, GAD, seasonal anxiety disoder, bi polar, adhd, add, or even just feel stressed and need some where to vent where people understand come join us ... We have a great group.... great support.. and we are like family... It's good to know your NOT ALONE!!! There is some where out there that knows just how you feel!!!

If you would like to join our group Click our banner ... :) it will take you there..

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Jan. 20, 2011 at 10:52 PM

Thanks for the update....warm weather will be here before you know it! I hope your son heals completely and soon! Good Luck with your fundraising!! :-) Glad to hear you made it to the Therapist and that you are going to be working on clearing out all that old crap! :-) I'm sure that will help you!

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Jan. 21, 2011 at 7:15 PM

wow that new therapy sounds smart   reflexxing cool  

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