If you have a house with four walls and a roof, food for today, clothes for your back and at least one pair of shoes to wear, then you have more than the children in Haiti do. If you are blessed enough to have clean, running water in your home, a toilet, and a refrigerator, no matter how poor you may be by American standards-you have it better than the children do in Haiti.

My husband was privileged to take a mission trip last week and work among the people in Bon Repos, Haiti. I can tell he came back a changed man. His eyes misted over several times as he showed us his video and pictures of the destruction he witnessed. They toured one of the 3 mass, unmarked graves. Rows and rows of little wooden crosses lined the "cemetery". He was informed that the bodies were simply piled one upon another, none with any form of identification. Parents roam the streets daily looking for lost children, even after one year since the earthquake.

We Americans do not realize how much we really have. To be honest, we are spoiled. I wish we could wake up and share our blessings with those in other lands who are starving, orphaned and dying. Let's count our blessings and give thanks to our loving Father above who has blessed us immensely!


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Feb. 14, 2011 at 9:54 PM

You are so correct about this...I lived in Bolivia as an exchange student in 1970 and saw unbelievable poverty...

We are so very blessed...I am grateful for what I have...even if we have to make ends meet...It beings us closer to God...

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Feb. 15, 2011 at 2:57 PM

Thank you so much for sharing this. . Disaster relief is my passion in life. ..helping out those left in the aftermath that most of us can't even imagine. So many don't care or think we should just turn a blind eye to those in need. ..because it isn't America. Makes me so sad how many just look away.

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