My parents came to visit this weekend, to get taxes done and see our lil man!  We had a blast and did fun things, like going to see our Varsity girls play bball and eating at a cool bar b q place.  Just good quality time.  Saturday after the ball game we came home to our sewer backing up a little.  Someone came from the city and checked their end, and in the new house we didnt  know where the clean out drains were amidst the snow and cold temps.  Ended up spending the night in a hotel.  Fun adventure for sure...

Then on Sunday my parents and some good friends of ours together with us found the drains and tried a few things to get things moving and not backing up.  But to no avail, still waiting on plumber.  He should be here tomorrow.  My parents left around 5:00 to go home, approx 3 1/2 hour drive. We said our good byes and watched them pull out of the driveway.  @ around 5:35 I got a call on my cell from my Mom.  She said my name, but it didn't sound like her, then she paused and said, I'm hurting really bad...we were in a wreck.  She told me where she thought they were and said that people were helping them.  We immediately loaded up and headed in the direction where they said they were.  When I arrived on the scene, my parents vehicle was facing north east, laying on the passenger side with with the drivers side wheels still turning.  Firefighters and other personel were standing around thier vehicle. ( They had already been taken to the nearest hospital ( 10 miles away) We were then escorted to the hospital to meet them and see what was the prognosis.  To make a long story short, my Mom had 1 broken rib and glass in her ear(close to the ear drum) to be taken out later at an ear nose and throat dr.  My Dad had some lacerations on his head and really bumped and banged around.  We finally got them to their house yesterday, by meeting my twin sis half way.  They have follow up appts today and Thursday and getting a rent-a-car today as well.  Thankful they are alive and resting.  By the looks of the van and reaction of fire fighters and passers by, it is a MIRACLE that they made it out of the vehicle alive.  I had been so strong for them and my husband, that when we met my sis, I just grabbed her and lost it.  Even today, I have my weepy moments, but I know the LORD was with them and continues to be for all of us.  Now to get the plumbing fixed at our house n we will be good.  

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Feb. 18, 2011 at 5:15 PM

prayers  for youall

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