I tried to find a link to do this the "right" way and couldn't find one so I am just going to post it here and hope for the best.  I am currently working and am very dissatisfied.  I am looking for a new job. I am in Smithfield, NC but am able to travel to Raleigh, Goldsboro, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill...you get the point. I will relocate if the job is good and worth the move.  I have a NC License for Adult Home Administrator, and Medication Tech.  I will also be challenging the CNA 1 exam in about two weeks, although I do not wish to work as a CNA since I have the other two. So if anyone knows of a job in my area in my field. I would really appreciatethe heads up.

I am doing online applications because I work 2nd shift but it is slow going and not like going in person. However, gas prices (I drive a SUV) won't allow me to do much travel just for applications and repeat trips for interviews, etc. So a "good" lead is going to be key for me.

Thanks bunches and hope I don't get in trouble trying this route.

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