More stress - always more... So my hours got cut at work. I had asked to scale back a little - didn't think it meant i was going to practically erased.  Had been working midnite shift, and we hired someone else for it full time. Someone had just left on the evening shift and thought i would get some of those hours since working  less midnites.  nope. all those hours went to others. I even asked to get some of those hours.  i work my ass off and i just don't get this.  I could get extra hours by going in whenever i have extra time, but it's a small store and when there are already two or three people there, really isn't much to do. I'm not gonna clock in to go sit in a corner and twiddle my thumbs for a few hours.  if i can't be useful my time is better spent on my kids.  our money situation is going sour fast ( not that it was fantastic but at least we were gettin by). 

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