I turned 50 today and even though Im not where I would like to be,Im alot closer then I was in the past.Ive become closer to GOD and tired of refusing to hear where He wants me to go and do.I have had friends tell me my gift from GOD is my heart for the down troden,even though I have been through some rough times.I always say my gift from GOD is my big mouth lol.Im going to try and use both to change lives this yr.My first idea is a basket (laundry) w/ things someone would need when they get thier own place.I want to focus on ppl who were homeless,domestic violence survivor,going through a divorce,loose of a spouse.

I will try and add to this journal everyday this next yr.Im going to figure out what items would be in a basket like Im talkin about and then I'll add a list here..If you have coupons that you dont need for thoses items I would like them so I can make the baskets as economically as possible.I also want to make hygeine or snack kits and hand them to ppl I see that are homeless or struggling and will help ease thier worries for a short time.I got this idea from a ladies project she started last yr called project 50/50.

When I can get a few made up I want to start a project called Project-ONE(A new start and A new day)

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Mar. 1, 2011 at 1:44 PM

Happy Birthday! And, good for you!!! There are SO many ways to get cheap items for a basket just like this by shopping sales at walgreens, cvs and rite aid!

Good luck! God bless :)

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Mar. 1, 2011 at 11:03 PM

Well today I talked to our local newspaper and thier going to do a interview w/ the lady that does project 50/50 tomorrow when she stops in my area on her way to Dallas from Austin.

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