When is a home business not a business?

The simple answer: when it’s a lifestyle!

There are those who just live a lifestyle of giving, whether that giving is a material thing, or non-material , like sharing and love.

Having a home business that thrives on connectedness and appreciation  is as much about giving as it is earning money.

It’s a lifestyle business.

It starts the minute I wake up, giving thanks, until the minute I go to sleep at night.  It includes the people I meet during the day, the family and friends and team members and online connections I have.

The cards I send for no reason except to say hello. Or to cheer someone up. A get well. A birthday wish. They all are part of my lifestyle , not just my business.

Being in a business that is about sending cards is a FEEL-GOOD business! Sending cards and gifts is not a chore. It actually becomes a habit that we create and that habit becomes a lifestyle.

Thanking someone by saying “Here’s my  business card;Go to my site and send a free card to someone” feels good for both YOU and THEM and the person who will receive that card.

It’s paying it forward with all the privileges of bonus commission checks attached.

My team is the kind of team who cheers you on! Positive people who consistently take positive action , not only to improve their lives, but to add value to others.

And really, isn’t it time we do things that bring people together and  make people feel appreciated in this world?

“The major value in life is not what you get. The major value in life is what you become. “

If you’re feeling how I felt when I discovered how good it feels to send out cards and to be a part of this company, then invest in yourself today by joining this global revolution!

You’ll be glad you did.

I invite YOU to send a FREE no obligation, no committment card on my site to try our system.These are real stamped cards that you personalize and the company prints, seals, stuffs , stamps and sends for YOU! You can even personalize with pics of you, your kids, whatever!

As a customer, that would be 2.99. stamped!

As a customer , 1.06 stamped

And when  you join, not only can you earn some serious income from home, its your systemfor life! Send amazing personal cards right from your seat!

Go here to send your FREE card-->> www.CardBizInfo.com

Questions? Message me, call me ,contact me and learn more on  my site www.sendcardshomebusiness.com

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