If your mother in law had your children because CPS is freakin dumb as hell. Cant tell good moms from bad, and your im sorry ex mother in law was telling all sorts of lies, and doing everything in her power to hurt you and keep you from your children. what would you do?


I just miss my children so much, it hurts so bad. I see my friends kids, and it reminds me of all the time our kids would play. there is more to the story, but if you truly want to know comment and ill let u all know. the fact is, im a great mother everyone told me i was, i knew i was. but cps took them away. i fear i wont get them back.


what to do? please help me

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Mar. 1, 2011 at 10:07 PM

First off I would get a lawyer and explain the situation, or you have another option.. Talk to your MIL and explain to her  that you love your kids beyond imaginable and that you would like to see them. I will pray something good comes out of this. 

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Mar. 1, 2011 at 10:18 PM

If you are in the right they will see that because there won't be any evidence to prove that you are in the wrong.  Not sure why they took your kids away but they must have something more than just heresay.  I'm sorry about your situation and missing your kids but don't worry cause you should get your kids back if you are a great mom like you say you are.

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Mar. 1, 2011 at 11:22 PM

Yep CPS are bleeding hearts.  They don't want to take your kids.  So...get a lawyer but it also sounds like you need to take responsibility for your actions.  They did't take your kids without some reason, just on the word of your mother. They don't do that.  So what DID you do to make them think your kids are unsafe.  Fix it.  They will give the kids back.

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