There are so many different multivitamins to choose from.  As a mom I found it difficult to find a multivitamin that was made to meet the needs moms have.  Moms have to take care of their family and often put aside their personal health to do so.  Finally, there is a new multivitamin on the market designed specifically for moms.

New Energy Mom is more than a multivitamin, it is a lifestyle supplement.  It is designed to give moms the nutrition they need to meet their lifestyle.  Instead of just providing various amounts of vitamins New Energy Mom formulated a vitamin supplement that meets 5 specific needs moms have: Energy, Immune Support, Nutrition, Weight Loss, and Improved Memory.  The supplement is formulated with the proper vitamins to meet these five specific needs.


The average mom has at least 10 things on her daily "To Do" list. Add on the everyday surprises like a sick child, forgotten homework or lunch, or lost blanket. Energy becomes a coveted dream. Coffee and energy drinks work for a little while and then you crash.  New Energy Mom is filled with the essential vitamins your body needs to generate energy to get you through the entire day.

-  Enhance the body’s energy production, Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12                  

-  Convert glucose to energy, Vitamin C                                           

-  Improve oxygen intake reducing fatique, Iron

-  Support manufacturing red blood cells for oxygen flow, Folic Acid

-  Help ATP production, the energy producing molecule, Magnesium

-  Energy and stamina through protein synthesis, Vitamin B12

-  Regulate blood sugar, Chromium


Children bring home millions of germs everyday from school including colds, flus, strep throat, and more. Vitamin C is not the only vitamin needed to help your immune system defend against sickness.  New Energy Mom contains various vitamins to boost your immune system and keep you healthy.

-  Boost your immune system, Vitamin C, A, E

-  Defend against free radicals, Vitamin C, A, E, Selenium

-  Counteract stress on the immune system, Zinc

-  Protect immune cells from damaging oxidation, Vitamin C, A, E


Vitamins are essential organic compounds that the human body cannot synthesize.  Vitamin deficiency can be serious if you are not getting the vitamins your body needs.  New Energy Mom is formulated with vitamins that defend against the health concerns women have.

- Heart health, Vitamin E, C, B, Folic Acid

- Breast Health, Vitamin D

-  Bone Health, Calcium, Vitamin D, Magnesium

-  Hair, Skin, and Eye Health, Vitamin A, B, D, E, Copper


According to statistics, a busy mom is more likely to reach for a handful of chips rather than eat an apple.  New Energy Mom has vitamins that boost your metabolism and fight against fat storage to help you keep off the weight.

-  Revitalize your metabolism, Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12

-  Metabolize fats to avoid storing them, Choline, Inositol

-  Promote a healthier and faster metabolism, Iodine

-  Avoid unwanted glucose storage, Vitamin C


Do you feel like you can't remember things like you could before you had kids?  According to a report published in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, pregnancy causes memory loss that continues after birth.  

-  Increase mental awareness, Vitamin A, C, Zinc, Selenium

-  Protect memory cells in the brain, Vitamin A, B6, B12, Folic Acid

-  Break down free radicals that impair memory, Vitamin C, E

-  Stimulate brain neurotransmissions, Choline

Moms are busy and their schedule is very demanding.  Constantly moving from one thing to the next to get things done it is no wonder moms get sick, tired, and stressed out.  Something had to be done, so, New Energy Mom created a lifestyle supplement to help moms.  Visit their website to see how New Energy Mom can help you.

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