My dear Cafemom friends, I am sorry that I don't write or visit much these days.

In the way that the internet sucked away all my TV time, life has now sucked up all my internet time.

I am writing, editing, child-rearing, working my day job, and attempting to learn how to market my books. Once I manage to maintain my web presence via my blog, facebook, and twitter, cook food, wash dishes and laundry, and get the family settled into bed, all my hours are gone. Lately I have even lost my writing time to, dare I say it? Procrastination.

I enjoy CM. I have met many wonderful people here.

Please feel free to follow me at my blog, or my facebook author page, SM Johnson writes,

This isn't a promotional post, just a fact that these are the places where I can most frequently be found at the present time, and I want the people I have enjoyed in my "pre-published life" to be able to find me.

Thanks heaps for all the support I received in these forums. I'm not leaving CM, but I do want to acknowledge that I am no longer here on a regular basis.


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