Question: Do you feel you have an emotional eggshell in your life?




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Did you know we all have an emotional eggshell?  An eggshell that is empty until life starts throwing its stones of pains and darkness upon us.  When this happens, our hidden and secret eggshell starts filling.  Before we realize it, our eggshell has filled tight.  When life gets too hard for us to bare, our emotions spills over into an eggshell from the aftermath of a storm.  Storms can damage even permanently stain our life with hidden wombs and hidden emotions.  What happens when our eggshell fill and we keep allowing it to fill?  We end up overwhelmed and stressed out from the troubles left behind from a hard hit storm.  Many times many of us try to hide our fill eggshell, and continue living life as if our eggshell is still empty.  Well, soon that shell become inflamed like a blister filled with puss and is about to bust.  When not treated and taken care of, the inflamed blister bust and the puss goes all over our skin: if it’s contagious, it can cause infection to inflame other parts of our skin on our body and they too become the same way.  The same as a person with a filled emotional eggshell:  denying the need to get help, that person become so overwhelmed that their life began filling with anger and madness until they become so emotional they end up filled with rage and become out of control with their life and their surrounding.  Their eggshell began to crack and break open, because the weight from the hidden pains become too much for the eggshell to hold together it ends up breaking.  Many end up having an emotional breakdown, like I did, and end up either trying to take their lives, using food to calm their pain, starving themselves, abusing their love ones-especially their children, a work alcoholic, shop alcoholic, many use alcohol as their way to ease their pains, drugs, some shut up from the world, many turn to sex, gangs, crime, and so many other negative behaviors just to ease their emotional pains from their broken eggshell.  If they only knew how much sharing and opening up to ones you can trust to understand your pains, preferably those who can relate to your pain, they would be able to crack their own eggshell to release the pains and unhealed wombs that are hidden inside.  Many feel too embarrass and decide to keep their problems to themselves not realizing it’s the worse thing they could do.  Cracking your own eggshell to overcome life’s obstacles and debris left behind from life’s storms, will make us better welled equipped to handle the storms life throws at us in the future.  We will become more stronger and able to stand on our own:  we must first accept our emotional distress (no more denial), disregard any negativity from how we feel regardless who or what is telling us to so, work through our troubles and problems, understand the journey to healing is not easy and could take some times to overcome, reach a point in life we can’t change what has happened in our pass, and share our story so we can help the next person to overcome their emotional eggshell before theirs crack or break.  This too can be healing for our own broken eggshell.  So all of you out there with a hidden emotional eggshell, let’s crack them our self before it crack and breaks on its own:  because when and if it does, the aftermath of a crack and broken eggshell can be very devastating to a person life. 






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