I'm guessing most people wont get this but that's okay. I HATE seeing negative pregnancy tests. I hate it so much I'd rather wait a couple extra days "just to be sure" then to test too soon and see a Negative result.

Where are we in the process? Today is Cycle Day (CD) 30 on a normal, regular 28 day cycle. I'm 2 days late BUT I have a very short Luteal Phase (LP) that is normally just 10 days long so i'm technically just 12 days post ovulation (DOP)  so.........it's still early when all things are considered.

My Intended Parents (IP's ) are so amazing and completely understanding. They have agreed it would be okay to wait another day or two. We are all very excited and anxious and nervous.  It's nearing midnight now and the end of day 30. We shall see what tomorrow brings.

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Mar. 21, 2011 at 11:16 AM

Thank u that is ow we had our five angels from a wonderful loving lady who carried all five foe us, You are a very specail lady to do this for someone else I hope you get a lot of wonderful gifts in life for yourself, u are vvery givi g and it akes a very specail person to do what u are kudos tto youyou rock

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