I know some of my stalkers, er, I mean followers have been wanting to know the results of the test. Well truth be told the "line" was so faint none of us were quite sure. Of course, in my gut I'm feeling pretty positive about this and being 3 full days late and knowing that I am NEVER late unless I am pregnant..... well, it's not that hard to figure out.

So this pregnancy test.  I ran out and bought the trusty First Response  (we call them FRED ~ First Response Early Detection) just to be sure. "6 days early" it says on the box so I figured if this does not work, nothing will. Little did I realize I had just peed 2 hours ago.............. Anyway, so I get back to my house and 15 minutes later the IP's come over. We made small talk for about 10 minutes but well all knew the real reason they were there. So off to the bathroom I go to produce my own sample and I let my Intended Mother have the honors of dipping the test. Naturally, 5 seconds was difficult as my Intended Father says, "Hey, that was a not a full 5 seconds" just after IM pulls the test stick out of the urine sample! So, back in it goes for another 2-3 seconds "just to be sure!" I sent the timer and we wait. It was a very long 3 minutes. When the timer rings we see nothing.  My heart wrenches. "What??? How can this be!" I think to my self. I grab that test and start twisting and turning it in the light hoping and praying I see something. And sure enough, I do! It's faint. So very faint that I don't think it's real.  My IM takes her turn looking and she is convinced she sees something too! Next it's my IF, who used to work as a Probation Officer so he "knows his lines!" and he also thinks he sees something.

I mention that some women take pictures and post them on the Internet to get a collective surrogate mind to see the lines. Some women also take them apart or use the special feature in photo-shop to take a negative of the tests to see the mystery lines. Low and behold I also find my self tearing the thing apart looking for that LINE to suddenly become darker. Where did that desperation come from?  We pulled out the digital camera and tried to snap pictures of it but we could not get the camera to focus on it to get a good pic and when we finally managed a few in focus shots, the line was not visible on camera.

It was truly disappointing.

I KNOW, I just know I am pregnant but why wont the pregnancy test show up?? I have one test left and before my IP's left my house yesterday we all agreed we would wait and test again in 2 days (that would be Wednesday Morning for those keeping track).

Of course I have dozens of online surrogates friends that are hounding me to test and now friends in real life! Heck last night, my friends were willing to take me to Walmart at 11pm to buy me a test and make me pee on it! Can you say, "Excited?" The temptation is there, trust me. I am certainly not immune to it. Heck, I am the one that has the HPT sitting in my bathroom right next to a jar of pee I saved from my first pee this morning....... (so who's crazy now?) in case I get the urge to test. But I am trying very hard to respect my IP's wishes. They want to be here for the big announcement. I cannot deny them that. So, I wait.  Speaking of wait. I need to check in with my IP's and let them know how I am doing.

I'll update soon.

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Mar. 22, 2011 at 3:52 PM

You are pregnant but what a roller coaster

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