So i was diagnosed with macrosomia at 35 weeks.  For those who aren't familiar with that term it simply mean large for gestational age.  So at 35 weeks I had an ultrasound and they estimated little man's weight to be around 6.5 pounds.  the same weight as my first child.  So thats when they decided to schedule me for an induction, which believe it or not was a major relief for me because i was induced 3 weeks early with my first i had absolutely no idea what to look for as far as signs of labor.  At almost 38 weeks I was sent for another ultrasound for fetal weight and they guessed him at 8 lbs 2ozs.  I was starting to get nervous.  I still had a week and a half to go and I was estimated at over 8 lbs already. 

Well the day for my induction came and trey was off with meme and pepe and harold and i headed to the hospital.  We got there for 6, signed in and headed upstairs.  I got changed, gave my samples, got hooked up to the monitors.  The nurse came in and placed my IV and I told her that my sister would be coming soon to be here for the birth.  She said that was fine and she would direct her back when she got here.  The doctor came in a little while later and did an internal exam.  I was at the same 2 cm i had been at for a couple weeks.  She gave the orders for pitocin and my drip was started. 

My sister showed up around 9.  I still hadnt felt a single contraction.  She and I played cards for a while just waiting around for something to happen.  Harold had brought the laptop and was updating Facebook and watching movies.  I told my sister that I wanted to try to take a nap since I had been too anxious to sleep and she understood.  I fell asleep and around noon the doctor came back in to check me.   She decided that the baby had dropped enough for her to safely break my water. Now its at this point that I should mention that my sister is in college now and has applied to school for next year to become a Physician's Assistant.  She has NO experience (or interest) in OB/GYN.  Her background is orthopedics.

So anyway,  she's holding my hand and watching very intently what the doctor is doing.  Everytime I would open my eyes her face would make me laugh.  Then the doctor would tell me to be still.   I was resolved to keeping my eyes closed.  So my water was broken, the pitocin was upped and I asked for an epidural.  Mr. Epidural Man came in and placed my line.  I warned him that last time my blood pressure didn't hold well so he modified his dose to see how I tolerated it.  Sure enough about 5 minutes into it my BP was down to 50/30.  He put something in my IV to make me feel better and it worked until he gave me more anesthesia.  So we played the a little of this a little of that game for a while and got my pain under control.  Well after the next time they upped the pitocin I had to ask for more meds.  At that point a new anesthesiologist was on shift. 

He came prepared.  He walked in the room and told me he had been filled in on my BP issues.   He held up a small vial and said, "With your permission I would like to give you some of this medicine in your muscle, because in the IV it wears out too fast.  If I put it in your muscle you should only need one shot to keep your BP at a safe level."  When I asked what it was he told me Ephedra.  For those of you who are racking your brain trying to remember where you've heard of that before, it was banned from diet and energy pills because people's hearts were exploding.  When I ask if he's referring to the same thing he says, "Yes.  But I know how to properly dose it."  I said, "Oh, what the hell.  Go for it Doc."  So after a small pinprick I actually felt much better.

Then we started playing a little of this a little of that with the pitocin and the anesthesia because I wasn't progressing very much and everytime they increased the pitocin I could feel pain.  At about 10pm my doctor came in and examined me.  I was only at 6 cm.  She explained that we really need to get labor moving cuz the stress from the pitocin can cause the baby distress then I would be looking at a Csection.  I told her to do what she felt was necessary.  She order my pitocin to be increased from 16 to 24.  As soon as I heard that I requested that they call the anesthesiologist.  Sure enough by the time he got in the room I was feeling every single contraction.  He shot more liquid in my back and it helped for a little while.  I asked for him to be called again.  More liquid.  More temporary relief. 

Just as I was about to hit the nurse call button again, she walked in.  Apparently my doctor had finally ordered a foley (permanent) catheder vs a straight (new one each time you need to empty your bladder).  As she was telling me this, 2 other nurses walked into my room and immediately started messing with the fetal heart monitor telling me he had moved and they had to find it again.  Ok it had been happening all day.  They had a hard time finding it and called to have my doctor paged.  One of the nurses started to verbally prep me for a c-section when they found it again.  At this point my contractions are comin quick and hard and I'm feeling every one of them.  But I still could feel or move my legs.

So the other 2 nurses help move me into position for my catheder and they get my leg lifted in the air and immediately one nurse hits the call button and tells them to send in my doctor.  I start to panic.  I ask what's wrong and they say, "Nothing.  Your baby is crowning.  It's time to push once the doctor is here.  They rush around trying to get the room ready.  I looked at the clock.  It was 10:45.  At this point my brother in law, who had showed up around dinner time,wished me luck and stepped out.  Harold and Megan sprung into action.  Harold up above me holding my hands and Megan was watching beside me while they assembled the bed.  The doctor came in and got gloved and gowned up.  She got herself settled and had me start pushing.  I again looked at the clock.  It was 10:55pm.  I know this is kinda weird but I told myself that I was gonna race and beat my previous delivery time of 20 mintes.  A little unrealistic I know but it was my way to motivate myself to push and push hard.

So Megan was at my side but watching everything that was going on medically.  She kept saying this like.  "Oh my God! He has so much hair." and "You are like this close"  and would hold up her thmb and first finger showing me a distance.  Harold was behind me saying things like, "Babe you rock.  You can do it." and "You're so strong.  Push babe."  My BIL, Anson, was out in the hallway listening at the door.  I don't begrudge him this.  I actually told him that I didn't mind and would be honored if he stayed in the room but I also know what labor looks like and it is one of those things that no matter how much brain bleach you use you just can't unsee it.  He opted to leave the room.

I was told that I yelled a few things worth noting.  Anson's favorite from outside the room was, "Dear God, Please tell me its over!"  There was also me yelling at the baby to "Just come out already!"  While some find it amusing I found it theraputic to have an external monologue.  Finally after what felt like forever, the pressure was gone.  I heard someone shout "16! 16!"  I was totally confused until I heard them radio to the desk to mark down a baby boy born at 11:16pm.  In my fog and relief I heard 11:16 and had to look at the clock.  OMG! I did it!  Another 20 minute delivery.  Just as I was celebrating to myself, they plopped my baby on my chest. 

Holden Roy was born at 11:16 pm.  22 inches long 8 lbs 7 ozs.  His Auntie Megan cut the cord at Daddy's request.  A happy healthy and beautiful baby boy. 

Megan and Anson went home about an hour later then brought me breakfast in the morning.  Nothing like biscuits and gravy the morning after giving birth lol.  Especially in New England (sometimes I really miss the south).

Auntie Megan


Uncle Anson

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