The answer is YES.  You can be successful.  Do you know 2 people that would love to also eliminate their grocery bill?  That's awesome.  Each enrollment is $50!  So, with the 2 people that you know when you enroll them you have already made $100!  That's pretty awesome. 

Have you tried other home businesses and those haven't worked for you?
 I can totally relate to you.  I have previously done MANY different companies.  MPB Today is truly unique in the fact that we can service every single person because 100% of  people need to eat! 

If you are like me, you have budgeted exactly how much money will go to groceries.  How would you feel if you could go to get those groceries for free?  WOW, that would be amazing!  You can do that with MPB Today.

I am a mommy of two precious babies (4 & 1 years old).  They are growing up so fast but I have the privilege and honor to be able to work at home, make some extra money, and help people at the same time.  Would you love to do that too?

It is my desire to help moms all over so please, check out my websites and, write down any questions that you have.  Then message me any questions or excitement that you have for founding this journal and MPB Today!  Today is the day that you can change how you have lived your life.  Make the change that will make your kids proud of you!

Talk soon,

Shelly Jenkins

Passionately helping individuals to TOTALLY eliminate their grocery bill.

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