Confession of a Stressed Out Homemaker

Today someone was stopping by the house, so I cleaned....what can be seen from the front door.

I only do laundry when the kids run out of underwear. (I like to think of it as eco-friendly....we use less electricity AND water.)

I have only ONE clean dish in my whole house.  A plate.  Which is in the dishwasher.

I wore shorts today.

I didn't realize until we were at playgroup that I haven't shaved in about 4 days. 

I have made hundreds of sacrifices so I can be a homemaker.

I am passionate about raising and teaching my kids and I would never want to send them to someone else for it.

I am passionate about my hatred of housework. So passionate, I would never shave again and wear shorts everyday if it meant someone else would do all the housework.

The only kind of housework I enjoy is the kind that involves disinfecting.  There's an odd kind of high that comes from killing germs.  And I'm not just talking about the fumes.

I never judge other people by how messy/clean their house is, but I feel worthless when my house is a mess. Which, most days, it is.

What are your confessions?

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