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Taking it One Step at a Time..

I don't know what is wrong with everybody lately....Why does everyone have to stick their noses in my business?

Today I went over to my friend Nancy's house for a while to have a break from my son who was driving me nuts.  Not long after I got there, her neighbor Pam came over to see me and ask how Corey is doing.  I told her Corey is fine and I was going to leave it at that...but she kept going on wanting to know what we are studying in school and am I ever going to put him back in a regular school...

I informed her that Corey is learning Life Lessons and Responsibility right now...He has finished his academic curriculum for the year and is on break.  As far as putting him in school, no...I wont do that because the schools suck here.  I said between the teachers calling him a stupid failure, trouble maker, and other kids bullying him...I want nothing more to do with the school system in this town.

This should be self explanatory...but then she has to go into the socialization issue.  OK, For one, my son is socialized.  He goes to his Ranger Class on Wednesdays..which is like boy scouts, Sunday School on Sundays, There is a Math group at our library he goes to on Mondays and Thursdays he has Swimming Lessons at the YMCA.  Not to mention, that he plays with the neighbor kids almost every afternoon after Public Schools get out.  But according to her he has to learn how to defend himself against bully's....I made a small joke that I have it covered...once a week my husband roughs him up and steals his lunch money...lol  She didnt think it was funny tho...Apparently, he needs to be introduced to real life...drugs, alcohal, sex. and violence every day to become a man...(thats what she told me)  I was so fed up I had to leave....I mean, If engaging in all that makes a man...I dont want my little boy to grow up ever...he is only 7 for crist sake...

Anyways, I am tired and cranky so I am going to call it a night.  Hopefully tomorrow I will feel better. 


I suppose its my fault though, Normally I try to back out of these conversations before I get my feathers all ruffled, but for some reason I couldnt shut up...lol


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Apr. 1, 2011 at 8:44 AM

I know what you're talking about!! I homeschool and it seems the "socialization" is the number 1 thing people constantly bring up.Honestly,they can't seem to think of anything else but that.I guess our homeschooled kids are all going to grow up to be anti-social psychopaths,according to the "experts" out there,LOL! I just totally ignore those comments anymore.Let them sit and bask in their self-righteous ignorance.By the way,I love your joke about your husband "roughing him up and stealing his lunch money".That's priceless!!!


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